Kiskun Táncegyüttes Kiskunhalas

The dancing group was founded by the graduates of the art school of Kiskunhalas in the autumn of 2008. Its members are students from secondary schools and universities, just as young working adults. At the regional qualifying festival the group has won second and third class qualification, many of our dancers were also awarded. The main aims of the group are to cultivate traditions and to gather and perform folk dances of the Kárpát Basin. Besides it is highly important for us to gather, cultivate and pass our local traditions, dances and conventions from Kiskunhalas and the South Hungarian Plain on to the next generations. Our young talents are the folk dancer students of the Primary Art Educational Institute of Kiskunhalas. Folk dance has been part of education since the foundation of the school in 2003. Children are taught complying with the requirements of our teaching programme, but their age is also considered. They start by learning traditional children’s games, later they become able to dance originally by creating their own patterns. For the time being we have more than a hundred students in 5 classes varying from the age of 7 to 14. The choreographer and art director of Kiskun Dance Group and the faculty leader of the Folk Dance Faculty of the Art Institute is László Mándity.

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